Maximize your revenue by maximizing your capacity

In the appointment-based service industry time is truly money. Last minute cancellations and unfilled appointment times cost businesses thousands of dollars a year. FlexDealz has the solutions to help.

Businesses who use the FlexDealz platform get…

New customers is a destination for consumers looking for last-minute deals. FlexDealz will introduce your business to thousands of new customers daily.
Market your availability
FlexDealz gives you the ability to market specific appointment times in your booking schedule. Maximize your revenue by maximizing your capacity.
Manage last minute cancellations
When a client cancels at the last minute we can help you recoup that revenue. Last minute bookings for last minute cancellations.
On your terms
Unlike other deal sites, FlexDealz puts you in control of the price, promotion, time and availability.
It’s Cost effective
No monthly subscription fee and no sign-up costs. No sale equals no cost to our business partners.

FlexDealz sends cheques, not bills

vendor dashboard
Create deals on-the-fly through your personal dashboard. You have full control over the appointment times, availability and pricing of your deals.
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