About Us

In the fall of 2015, FlexDealz founder and CEO Jeff Farmer was running a successful startup, a boutique spinning and fitness business in Kingston, Ontario. The business had continual growth, but still had classes that were not at full capacity. He immediately looked for an existing platform that would allow him to market his last-minute class availability and cancellation vacancies. After a continual search he realized quickly that there was no ‘go to’ destination for similar businesses to market these last-minute gaps. Armed with ‘The Idea’ and a boat-load of passion Jeff sought out the best young minds in business to help him turn his vision into reality.

Presenting FlexDealz
A first-of-its-kind dedicated promotional booking platform and virtual e-commerce marketplace that connects merchants with thousands of consumers looking to purchase last minute deals on all their favourite services.
Why FlexDealz?
Specialized and dedicated marketing platforms are now the industry trend, with companies like Expedia, HotWire and Hotels.com creating these unique environments to meet the specific needs of buyers and sellers. The ability to market ‘last-minute’ will allow service- and appointment-based businesses the opportunity to maximize their capacity, and consumers the opportunity to capture great deals on all their favourite services in one destination.
This is “Why” we’ve created FlexDealz.
How does it work?
Our virtual marketplace is a platform for our service providers to market specific availabilities in their booking schedules.
This is not a virtual coupon. The consumer is able to surf and select available offers on the FlexDealz platform, and utilize our convenient ‘book and pay now’ system to realize instant fulfillment. There is no paying when you arrive, no calling businesses to book. It’s one destination to access the best last minute deals on all of your favorite services.
flexdealz last-minute deal booking app
Our Goal
Our goal is to be the ‘go-to’ destination for consumers looking to purchase last minute offers on all their favourite services.

Innovation was the spirit in which our company was founded, and is infused in our DNA. We encourage and nurture ideas at all levels of our company, knowing that if we ignite the passions of our people, we will continue to meet our goal of being the most innovative sales and marketing platform in our industry and beyond.

FlexDealz is...
Last minute offers on all your favourite services in one place.
No fees, No commitments, No limits.
Spa, Salon, Fitness and more…
Thank you for using FlexDealz